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Hi ! This is Manju Mittal here. My hobby is cooking. As I enjoy spending more time in kitchen I also find great pleasure discovering the secrets of cooking.

My delicious food is appreciated by everyone & trying out different recipes always attracts me more than anything else. So to make my interest more interesting I started with my cooking cookery class "MANJUMITTAL COOKERY HOUSE" (The Select Cuisine) with friendly environment, suitable timings & approachable venue.

My main aim in the class is to teach nutritious, tempting & mouth-watering vegetarian food and to cook it in a unique style.

Initially, I started my classes with some of my favourite cuisines, but now with your great liking n response it's been more than 75 courses with delectable recipes. I've been hoping and sure of adding more recipes in the due course of time.

As I strongly believe in the saying " Practice makes a man perfect " I also feel that the food cooked with one's own hand with love n perfection is undoubtedly the best you could get in any restaurant or any eating outlet all over the world.

Now, if you too are ready to impress your family & friends with the magical art of cooking what are you waiting for??? Get set, Buck up n enjoy the cooking experience with a difference!! Come, Have " Haute cuisine at your hands" !!! Yo!!!!

Benefits of Learning from Us
  1. We give you printed recipes.
  2. We provide all the material.
  3. Friendly atmosphere.
  4. Only females.
  5. Centrally located classes.